20130907-170645.jpgMy name is Antonio Vendramin, and I am currently the District Principal of Communicating Student Learning in the Surrey School District, B.C. Previous roles within Surrey Schools include volunteer (1991-92), student teacher (1992-93), teacher-on-call (1993-94), classroom teacher (1994-2006), Vice Principal (2006-2009), and Principal (2009-2016). I have also enjoyed the mentoring role as a School Associate, TLITE (SFU) mentor, and Surrey School Leading the Learning facilitator. I am passionate about helping students, staff, and parents grow. I believe in the power of connectedness and collaboration, the uniqueness of every learner, and the need for schools and those who work in them to innovate in order to meet the ever-changing needs of those learners.

When I am not at school, I can be found spending time with my wife, 3 children, and dog. I enjoy running, hiking, photography, and camping.


4 thoughts on “About Antonio Vendramin

  1. Hi Mr.V it’s Kaitlyn Smith I really hope you remember me from Mrs. Rempels class, I wish you good luck at Cambridge and it was really great having you here at Georges Vanier Elementary. P.s I know a friend at Cambridge, she’s really funny, going into grade 6, sort a short, and her name is Makayla.

  2. I wonder if you are any relation to my husband’s family. My father in law Alojz Vendramin was a native of Nova Gorcia, Slovenia.

    My husband follows you on Twitter as well. Dean is a teacher here in Regina.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      It’s great to hear from you! I have heard of Dean and the great work he has done. I’ve recently started to do research on my family history, particularly my father’s side as the details are sparse. What I do know is the Vendramin family I am part of originates in the Treviso area of Italy and I have traced back to my great, great-grandfather (also named Antonio) who was born in 1835.

      I’ve recently had my parents complete DNA tests through ancestry and am looking forward to getting more information regarding my origins. Perhaps the Vendramins connect along the way somewhere.

      I have an “Ancestry” page as well as a “My Heritage” page and will update the sites as soon as I have more information.

      Take care and pass my regards on to Dean!


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