Leadership Standards


Belief Statement:  The leader fosters and cares for a demonstrated, clear, and consistent alignment between ethical authenticity and the moral purpose of education.

Standard 1: Values, Vision, and Mission
Principals and vice-principals guide the development and implementation of shared values, vision, mission, and goals to support engagement, learning, and success for all learners.

What Makes a School Great?
Students Shine In A Culture Of Creativity

Standard 2: Ethical Decision Making
Principals and vice-principals articulate the process of decision making using an ethical framework based on the moral purpose and direction of the school.

Belief Statement:  The leader plays an integral role in creating and maintaining an environment that supports the intellectual, human and social, and career development of all students.

Innovation Week – Unchartered Territory
What’s Different Now?

Standard 3: Supervision for Learning
Principals and vice-principals engage in effective supervision that focuses on instructional and assessment practices that maximize student development, engagement, and learning.

Standard 4: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
Principals and vice-principals are knowledgeable and provide guidance regarding curricula, instructional and assessment practices, and their impact on student development, engagement, and learning.

Dear Students…I’m Sorry

Belief Statement: The leader is responsible for effectively influencing culture and relationships to support student and adult development, engagement, and learning.

Standard 5: Intrapersonal Capacity
Principals and vice-principals demonstrate self-knowledge and personal qualities that support positive relationships and build cultures of integrity.

Standard 6: Interpersonal Capacity
Principals and vice-principals build and support positive, effective working relationships within the school and community for all.

Standard 7: Cultural Leadership
Principals and vice-principals develop and sustain a culture and climate that supports student and adult learning.

When Square One Isn’t A Bad Place

Belief Statement: The leader plays an integral role in creating and managing effective school communities to support student and adult development, engagement, and learning.

Standard 8: Management and Administration
Principals and vice-principals strategically plan and manage to strengthen the school’s capacity to support student development, engagement, and learning.

When Building The Team Is Not Enough

Standard 9: Community Building
Principals and vice-principals build positive and effective interdependencies among schools, families and the community.

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