Today was our Grade 7 Daycamp at beautiful Golden Ears Provincial Park. Our daycamp always includes a hike which I enjoy because of the personal conversations you can have along the way.

Today I chatted with one of our moms who came along. She is from Syria and we spoke about the unrest back home – lack of freedom, government control, slaughter of children and innocent civilians.

I could not help but feel embarrassed that I have any complaints at all. Taxes, tolls on bridges, health and education systems…all seemed trivial as I had this conversation.

Perspective – at times – tells us to appreciate what we have!

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  1. I am reminded of this every time 8th grade is studying the Holocaust. There are a couple of weeks there where I’m humbled once again, and am thankful for ALL that I have, even taxes and tolls! Thanks for the post! -@JoyKirr

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