Little things can make all the difference.

20121011-184041.jpgA teacher today received the sort of letter that all teachers dream about – a letter stating that they had made a difference in a child’s life. When this teacher found out that her new student who had just come to Canada, was a talented pianist, but no longer had a piano to play, she asked what we could do. The answer? We rolled a piano to her room so she could play regularly for her classmates. Sometimes, little things can make all the difference.

The letter from the child’s mother is shared with permission below.

Dear Teacher,

I do not know English very well. I feel the need to write to you about my daughter. She is a very emotional child. She is usually happy and chatty. It is a difficult time for her. When she came to Canada she left her friends, house, piano, cat and her father in Turkey. We are very happy to have you as her teacher. She can play the piano now and [she is] very happy. Thank you very much for your help. I can not visit the school too often because I go to school myself. If there is any problem, please write back to me. Thank you again.

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